One of the things that is most widely appreciated in the interior design world is that French chic is very much sought-after. One of the best ways to get a sense of real French interior design is to spend some time in the country. A small place such as Caudies-de-Fenouilledes is the perfect place for you to have a short break and soak up some of the French ambiance that you’d like for your home.

Finding inspiration

Why not rent a holiday home in the Caudies-de-Fenouilledes area? Look for signs of traditional French décor such as vintage furniture. The French prefer good quality pieces that were made to last for years such as armoires and antique cabinets. If you are in France there is no harm in searching one or two of the popular markets that sell a lot of vintage items for your home. Large mirrors are often available and hanging one on your wall will help to reflect light into the room.

Light is important in a French home – remember that rooms in traditionally built French homes have large windows and high ceilings and are often very light as a result. Keep the colour of the walls light, choosing a soft shade of paint or take a look for a pale, but delicately patterned wallpaper. You will probably be able to get some further inspiration from where there is a wide range of options that will give you the chic French style that you like.

The markets of Caudies-de-Fenouilledes are not the only attraction. The region is filled with pretty villages and towns that are just waiting to be explored and that are filled with bargains for your home. You don’t have to worry about carrying them home either, most shops in the area are happy to post them for you so they’ll arrive at your home shortly after you do.