Caudies de Fenouilledes is a little known rural area in southern France often overlooked by tourists. However, it would be a mistake to ignore the delights of the villages, chateaus and castles within this locality.

Castles and Chateaus

Ch√Ęteau de Puilaurens is an incredible medieval castle, situated high above the Boulzane valley, on a rocky ridge. The history of its association with the Cathar religion is well-documented, dating back to the 13th century. Much of the structure is still intact, allowing visitors to explore its courtyards and towers.

The Chateau de Peyrepertuse is another famous Cathar castle and dates back to the 11th century. Although mostly in ruins, its spectacular location is worth visiting for dramatic views. Guests can marvel at how it appears invisible from a distance, skilfully built into a rock formation.

Towns and Villages

The traditional town of Rennes-les-Bains is famous for its thermal waters and cold springs. The town itself is beautiful, with the houses set along the River Sals. Visitors can explore the ancient church and the remains of Roman baths.

One of the most beautiful villages in France, Mosset has pretty medieval streets and a small museum. A unique feature of the houses here are the in-built bread ovens in the upper stories of each property.

Visitors wishing to enjoy a luxury spa break should head to Molitg-les-Bains and the Chaine Thermale du Soleil. A nearby grand hotel has direct access to the spa or visitors can stay in a historic castle, now converted into holiday apartments. Venturing a little further afield will bring guests to a natural amphitheatre.

There are many other sites and attractions in the Caudies de Fenouilledes Area, including Rennes-le-Chateau, the town of Quillan, and the Gorges de l’Aude limestone cliffs. Those seeking a tranquil area with lots of history and stunning scenery will not be disappointed with a trip to Caudies de Fenouilledes.