These days when people go travelling they want their own unique experience. They no longer desire the usual package holiday. Instead, they prefer to try something that is more unusual. That is why backpacking to French communes has increased in popularity in the past few years.

These locations offer local hospitality as well as history that may not be found in books. Often the elderly residents will entertain tourists with stories from the past. After all, France was the setting for the German occupation during the 1940’s. This was an extremely tumultuous time. Those who lived through it have plenty of tales to tell.

Besides history, the geography of these communes is also worth checking out. The Caudies de Fenouilledes area in particular has vast forests and rocky terrain. It is close to well known canyoning spots. This is definitely worth exploring if you are adventurous enough. Or if you don’t mind getting wet there are rafting opportunities as well.

Despite all the fun activities that Caudies de Fenouilledes promises there is one issue that might be on the minds of many travellers. Their health will be of paramount importance to them. Before they even set off to another

country they will naturally want to make sure that they do not having any undiagnosed conditions.

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After getting a medical check up, the sky is the limit when it comes to where to travel. There are so many places in the world to visit. Caudies de Fenouilledes is definitely worth a look if you find yourself within France. It is not only enjoyable due to the sporting activities on offer. There are also more relaxing things to do. In December there is an enchanting Christmas market that is full of joyful atmosphere. There is something for everyone no matter their age. People can find B&B’s to stay in by doing a quick search. These can be booked for online as well.